Stronger Together- Partnerships even Better

Since its establishment, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) enjoyed strong and distinguished partnerships with a wide number of partners, who have always supported its mission- serving Palestinians and everyone in need, whenever and wherever found.

PRCS module for Partnership depends on building mutual trust, and going beyond project-based partnerships, towards true solidarity that promotes strong partnerships with and without funding.

PRCS and its partners have demonstrated lead practical examples of Good Partnerships, that are built on strategic relationships with long term mutual objectives; with partners being equal and continuously adjoining the learning journey together, towards non-stop enhancement of serving humanity, building each other experience and expertise, and breaking the norms towards pioneering in quality partnerships; illustrated in Open Communication, to Accessibility and Flexibility, leading to mutual benefits with measurable results.

Partners accompanied PRCS expedition throughout the years, under the constant changing circumstances and trends- witnessing its evolution and supporting its positioning in the driving seat; leading the humanitarian action in line with the strategic directions and guided by the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Such Partnerships has proven being key for a context defined as a complex protracted Protection crisis primarily due to an ongoing military occupation. It opened the space to have the PRCS at the core, strong and agile national society, adaptive to times of recurrent emergencies for immediate responses while at the same time supporting long-term programing and developmental targets.

PRCS extends its highest appreciation to all of its partners along the years, for their continuous solidarity; all the efforts and support they brought in and leading by example what the real essence of Partnership must look like, a continuous investment for the sake of humanity through two-way relationships branded by dignity, respect and trust.

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