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PRCS Fulfils Its Humanitarian Mission Amidst Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip

Gaza, August 6, 2022 – PRCS raised its emergency alert status as instructed by its President to facilitate response to the ongoing Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip. The Society’s readiness was heightened to meet emergency health and humanitarian needs. The number of ambulances operated by its EMS centres in the Strip was increased to 28.

15 Palestinians, including a child and two women, have been killed so far and 125 others wounded, several sustaining serious injuries. 653 housing units have also been damaged. PRCS ambulance crews transported the bodies of 4 martyrs and provided EMS to 52 of the wounded.

The PRCS Emergency Response Plan in Times of War was implemented: the PRCS-ICRC/International Organizations hotline was activated to respond to the needs of affected populations; the Society’s strategic reserves, including fuel and medical supplies, were verified; and a six-month intervention plan developed.

The Society’s EMS Department stationed 75 of its 350 volunteer First Responders at EMS Centres in the Gaza Strip to assist medics. Tens of other volunteers, including doctors and lab technicians, were dispatched to PRCS Al Amal and Al Quds Hospitals where overall hospital readiness was heightened. Al Amal and Al Quds hospitals have a 100 and 130-bed capacity respectively, including 10 ICU beds. A 12-bed triage post was also created.

PRCS activated its Central Emergency Operations Room in the Gaza Strip, manning it with 10 staff and volunteers. The National Emergency Disaster Response teams as well as assessment and relief workers were all put on high alert. Relief items sufficient to cover the needs of 2000 families were secured and placed at the Society’s warehouses.

PRCS will also carry out a blood donation campaign in coordination with the Palestinian Blood Bank on Sunday August 7, 2022 at 10:00 a.m.