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Ambulance Crew Faced with Rare Baby Birth


PRCS medics are highly experienced. They save lives, give hope and bring smiles to patients faces. They also know that in healthcare, every second counts.

Osama Al Hessi and Hani Alayan are PRCS medics working at the Society’s branch in Jabalia, in the northern Gaza Strip. On Saturday May, 14, they were dispatched to the home of a 32 year-old woman in labor in order to transport her to Al Shifa’ Hospital in the Gaza Strip. They were told that this was going to be a complicated baby delivery: the woman was pregnant with triplets, she was also anemic and had a foot fracture. When the medics reached the woman’s house, they realized that the babies were coming and had to deliver them right away. The first newborn was in critical condition: he had to be given oxygen and kept warm. The medics decided to transport the mother to the hospital. This proved to be especially difficult since her apartment was on the fourth floor. She had be carried down carefully and without posing any additional threat to her health or that of her babies.

Minutes after the ambulance departed, the medics had to stop the vehicle on the side of the road to deliver the second, healthy, baby. The ambulance then proceeded to the hospital. A few minutes later, the medics had to stop again to deliver the third baby. Finally, the ambulance reached the hospital. The mother and her three babies (2 boys and a girl) were handed over to the hospital’s doctors and nurses, who thanked the medics for their precious help.

According to medics Al Hessi and Alayan, had they not been there, both the mother and her babies would have been in direct danger. They both lauded the intensive training they received at PRCS and the refresher courses provided to sharpen their life-saving skills.